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Irish Times Names Wild Atlantic Camp as 1 of 5 Great Camping Spots in Ireland

We're absolutely over the moon to be named as one of the 5 Great Camping Spots in The Irish Times' 50 wild things to do in Ireland series. In the words of The Irish Times: "Wild Atlantic Camp, Creeslough, Co Donegal: Between Creeslough and Dunfanaghy, the highlight of this newly opened “glamping” site is its “just for two” cosy wooden pods, fully furnished with lace curtains, rattan chairs and fairylights." And well done to all of County Donegal - we're name checked in 7 of the 10 categories of the wild things to do competition. It's great to see the judges enjoying what Donegal has to offer, from our landscape to our activities. Killahoey Beach, Dunfanaghy, one of the coastal wonders to go wild in, says The Irish Times. Just 5 minutes from Wild Atlantic Camp. The winner of the competition to find the Best Place to Go Wild in Ireland is announced on 7 June.  Donegal's coastline, Killybegs to Ardara, is 1 of the 5 shortlisted places from 3,800 entries. Good luck Donegal!  

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Which of these 7 types of campers are you?

With Spring upon us and Easter not too far away today we ask a most important question - which type of camper are you? Here at Wild Atlantic Camp we welcome all types of campers. Here's what some of our recent guests have said about us ... "We really enjoyed our stay on Friday night.  The "Just for Two" pod was really, really nice (so nice, you should have a second one!) and the small touches (the pint of milk left for making tea and pints vouchers for Roses pub) were all there."  Eoin Grace, Dublin "Thanks for a lovely stay. Looking forward to our next visit."  Lisa Skipp, Newtownards "Our pod was lovely and warm, cosy and snug, and very quiet. Compared to Dublin or City life the pace and cost of living in Donegal is so relaxed. We will be back!"  Sheila O'Hagan, Dublin Check out who you most resemble in the just-for-fun infographic below.   Check availability at Wild Atlantic Camp and book your stay here [bookingbug id='ukw2009530' style='medium' palette='WACUPDATECOLOURS']

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Two days in North West Donegal – a travel guide

Where to stay, eat and visit on a short trip to north west Donegal - home to five of the Discovery Points on Ireland's new Wild Atlantic Way. Before arrival, the most essential items you need to pack for a weekend exploring the pretty coastline around Creeslough in North West Donegal are a good pair of walking shoes, a waterproof and a camera. Donegal is all about the scenery and this part of the county is no exception.  Some say it is the jewel in the crown.  Whatever your opinion, be prepared to leave with cleaner lungs and a brighter spirit. The main attractions The road that hugs the coastline from Falcarragh in the west to Island Roy near Carrigart in the east spans about 40km and takes in no less than five Discovery Points - Horn Head, Marble Hill, Doe Castle, Rossguill Peninsula and Island Roy itself. It's easy to see why these scenic spots were chosen although whoever had to make the decision on which locations to choose definitely had a tough job. Beaches, walks and viewpoints Killahoey Beach, Dunfanaghy For more equally beautiful beaches to loose yourself on check out Falcarragh's endless Back Strand for views out to Tory Island (follow the signs for Trá from the town centre). Make time to visit Killahoey beach in Dunfanaghy for an enjoyable looped walk to and from the village, when the tide's out. Both beaches can be accessed easily from their respective car parks. If it's a decent leg stretch you're after then pack a flask and head off across the sand dunes to visit Tra More beach, at the foot of the Horn Head road in Dunfanaghy.  You'll probably have the place to [...]

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Camping with Kids – a book review

I bought a copy of The Down and Dirty Guide to Camping with Kids by Helen Olsson a few years ago in a renewed flush of enthusiasm for holidays under the stars and would recommend it to anyone planning a camping trip with children. What's Camping with Kids about? Written in an engaging and informative style Helen Olsson readily peppers the advice she gives with anecdotes from her own experiences as a mother of 3 young kids. The focus of Camping with Kids is firmly on how to create happy memories with your children and the secret to that on a camping trip is good planning. Whilst more experienced or regular campers may find the advice a little basic others will definitely appreciate the leave-nothing-to-chance packing checklists. The book is written for an American audience so many of the references and resources may not be especially relevant for European readers but a quick question to Mrs Google will deliver a more local alternative, if necessary. What the book covers Camping with Kids is split into four parts: Part one - Getting started Planning your trip Gearing up Part two - In the field The campsite Camp grub Part three - Activities and adventures Outdoor recreation Campsite boredom busters Camp arts and crafts Part four - Hygiene, first aid and safety Daily hygiene - staying clean in a world of dirt Aches, pains, pesky plants and bugs General safety in the Great Outdoors Best bits The Campsite boredom busters has some good ideas for games where no batteries are required.  The Smart Tips and highlighted boxes on the pages make it easy to pick out information at a glance while the Knot Tying section with simple [...]

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How the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis – works

Donegal's photographers have captured some stunningly beautiful images of a breathtaking aurora borealis display last night (Thursday 27 February 2014). Local photographers Sarah Sayers, Noel Keating and Rita Wilson posted photos on their respective Facebook pages showing what they managed to capture before the clouds moved in, much to the delight of their followers. So how, exactly, does nature create the phenomenon we know as the Northern Lights? Check out this infographic from for the full low down. Source: All about our solar system, outer space and exploration To check out when conditions are likely to be most favourable for the next Aurora visit: And if you need somewhere comfortable and affordable to stay while you're chasing the Northern Lights our wooden pods are perfect at €50 per night, bedding and towels included.  Plus we're right on the coast, overlooking Sheephaven Bay. Check availability and book your stay here [bookingbug id='ukw2009530' style='medium' service='50244' palette='NEW1'] Alternatively call +353 (0) 74 9138400 or email How to book your wooden pod stay at the Wild Atlantic Camp Select your arrival date from our booking calendar above by clicking on your preferred date. The availability and pricing details will then be displayed, allowing you to choose your duration of stay. To complete the booking process, enter your details, email address and contact telephone number. Once booking is complete, you will receive a confirmation email containing your booking receipt. Wild Atlantic Camp will also contact you to arrange payment of a deposit to secure your booking.

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Camping 101 – how not to pack the kitchen sink when camping in Donegal

There is a happy medium between packing just a spare pair of socks in a day rucksack and packing the car boot full to the brim for every single eventuality that might befall you when you head off on your camping trip. Here at Wild Atlantic Camp we're great fans of comfortable camping in Donegal and we also know that happy kids mean everyone's a happy camper so if space has to be found in the car for the tin of Moshi Monsters then so be it. However, we agree with most of the essentials on this checklist from  the good folk at,  although the jury's out on the spices and napkins.  We'd rather not forget the marshmallows. We'd love to welcome you to Wild Atlantic Camp soon and don't worry about forgetting a thing, we'll see you right. (By the way did you know that we can provide cosy, brushed cotton bedding and fluffy towels so you don't have to bring endless duvets and blankets with you?  That gives you more space for the wellies.) Check availability and book your stay Alternatively call us at +353 (0) 74 9138400 or email us at [bookingbug id='ukw2009530' style='medium' service='50244' palette='NEW1'] To book your stay at the Wild Atlantic Camp Select your arrival date from our booking calendar above by clicking on your preferred date. The availability and pricing details will then be displayed, allowing you to choose your duration of stay. To complete the booking process, enter your details, email address and contact telephone number. Once booking is complete, you will receive a confirmation email containing your booking receipt. Wild Atlantic Camp will also contact you to arrange payment of a deposit to secure your [...]

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5 free ways to have fun with kids at Mid Term Break

With Mid Term Break just around the corner and the kids off school for a few days here are a handful of ideas we've brainstormed to help you have some family fun together, without spending any money (hurrah). 1. Tell Me No Lies Sand dunes are hard work for little legs. This game is perfect for breaking up the tiresomeness of a long car journey or when the walk back to the car just seems too far. It tends to be the most fun when the answers aren't necessarily 100% true - a little poetic license goes a long way. 6 questions for children to ask grown ups: Who did you sit next to at school? Did you like them? When you were little what was the most trouble you got in to? Who was the naughtiest in your class? What were you good at at school? Were you the teacher's pet? What was the best job you've ever had? What do you do all day now? Who was your best friend at school? Why do you like them? What nickname did you get given at school? 6 questions for grown ups to ask children: Who is your best friend at school? Why do you like them? What kind of pet would you have if you could have anything at all? What would you call it? What are you most good at? What is the bravest thing you've ever done? What do you want to be when you grow up? What's the best joke you know? Tip:  Grandparents and those with a great imagination tend to be very good at this game. 2. Pick Up Sticks Task everyone in the group to find [...]

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The tragic ballad of Doe Castle

Romantic Doe Castle Doe Castle is situated on a breathtakingly beautiful inlet of Sheephaven Bay in north west Donegal.  It was the ancient seat of the Mac Sweeney Chiefs of Doe and has its own tragic romance and history. While Verona had Romeo and Juliet so Creeslough had its own star crossed lovers, Turlogh and Aileen.  Their fateful story is told in the following song written last century by Níall Mac Giolla Brigde from Feymore, Creelsough. ~~~ Maolmurra - A Ballad of Doe Castle Wild are thy hills, O Donegal!  that frowning darkly rise As if to greet the mist that falls upon them from the skies: Dark, dark thy hills, and darker still thy mountain torrents flow, Yet still more dark Maolmurra's heart in his Castle Hall at Doe. Fair are thy plains, O Donegal!  and calm thy winding streams Flow gently by each hut and hall, beneath the bright sunbeams; But plain or stream, or meadow green, or flower upon the lea, Were not more mild than Maolmurra's child, so sweet and fair was she. Stout grows thy oak, O Donegal!  and straight thy ashen tree, And swift and strong thy sons so tall, their country's pride to see; But oak or ash, or young men all, that sprung from Irish soil, Were not more stout, straight, swift and tall, than the chief of Clan O'Boyle. He was the pride of Faugher side, near the hills of Ballymore; For feats of strength none equaled him from Fanad to Gweedore: And he would go through frost and snow on the merry Christmas Day With ringing cheer to hunt the deer from his haunts in dark Glenveigh. And often in Doe Castle woods he'd hunt [...]

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Capturing Donegal: tips from a local photographer

Local photographer Anne O'Connor Here at Wild Atlantic Camp we're keen to keep it local wherever we can and so we were delighted when local photographer, Anne O'Connor, agreed to take some images for us. Donegal is arguably the most scenic county in Ireland, and definitely the most unspoilt, so we are always keen to share the beauty that we're so lucky to have on our doorstep.   The landscape images we have featured on our home page were taken by Anne and they show off the beauty of our part of north west Donegal at different times of the year. Here's the lowdown on them. Glenveagh National Park "Glenveagh National Park is a haven of peace and tranquility and you just can't beat it.  The whole place has a magical atmosphere at any time of year," says Anne.  This winter image was taken from the footpath on the south side of the lower castle gardens, leading up the valley on the shore of Lough Veagh. Muckish Mountain Another winter shot, this time of Muckish Mountain taken from the stone bridge on the road between Glenveagh National Park and Creeslough via Glassan (L1003).  "In this shot," said Anne, "I tried to capture the mountain and how it dominates the landscape." Tra na Rossan Bay "A trip round the Atlantic Drive in Downings is always rewarding, whatever the weather, and there are plenty of great places to pull in and take a shot.  After taking this picture of Tra na Rossan Bay last summer we will have headed back on into Downings for an ice cream!"  Anne uses a Nikon DSLR camera with various lenses, filters and a tripod to get her shots,  preferring it [...]

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